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 You are now nearing your move in date. A lot of what happens at the beginning and during your Tenancy will have been explained to you when Contracts were signed but below is some useful information which can also be found in your Property Handbook.


You will be provided the necessary Bank Account details well in advance of the beginning of your Tenancy along with guidance on setting up Standing Orders. Please try and avoid late payment charges by ensuring Rent is paid no later than the Due Date. To keep things simple Rent is calculated on an individual weekly basis but can be apportioned in any other way amongst the group to suit your needs provided the full amount is paid each month.

Key Collection

Keys will be available for collection by prior appointment from any time beginning from the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement. Each Tenant will be provided with a front door and bedroom door key. You will be required to sign for your keys upon collection.

Moving in

The property will have been cleaned by the outgoing tenants. However, it is possible the property may not have been adequately cleaned in which case the Landlord or his Agent will arrange for the Property to be cleaned without any unnecessary delay.


Issues regarding maintenance and more specifically the timeline within which maintenance works are to be completed are in accordance with the relevant clauses of the Tenancy Agreement except in case of emergencies where the problems will be resolved dependant on their level of seriousness. Usual protocol requires you, the Tenants, to compile a list of maintenance issues and provide this list to the Landlord or his Agent who will ensure work is carried out accordingly.


An inventory is a schedule of fixtures and fittings at the property and their condition. An inventory will be carried out at the property arranged by prior appointment. At least one Tenant must be present while the inventory is being carried out and will be asked to sign of the inventory.


Tenants are responsible for all bills at the Property for the whole Term of the Tenancy unless otherwise specified in you Tenancy Agreement. It is the Tenants responsibility to ensure they notify the relevant suppliers of their occupation of the property. Tenants must ensure bills are paid on time.

Council Tax

Full time students are exempt from paying Council Tax. However, Council Tax will still be due on the Property so it is the Tenants responsibility to get in touch with Birmingham City Council and provide their Council Tax exemption certificates. The tax year runs from 1st April until 31st March the following year. Most tenancies will overlap two tax years so it is imperative the Council is aware of the Term of your Tenancy.

Statutory Requirements

Tenants must adhere to all obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.

Charge List

Please get in touch with Prestige Properties for our complete Charge List.


All Tenants must ensure they are familiar with the location of the Water stop cock and the Gas and Electric meters.Below are some tips to follow in case of an emergency:
  • Gas
    If you smell gas in the house you should immediately turn off the gas supply at the gas meter. You should then report the problem to Prestige Properties and we will ensure relevant steps are taken to solve the problem. If you are unable to switch off the gas supply you should let us know or alternatively call Transco on 0800 111 999.
  • Electricity
    If your power supply is interrupted please refer to the electric fuse box where one or more of the breakers may have flicked off. You can usually switch the breaker(s) to the original on position without any problem. Interruptions are caused by a fault the most common of which is a faulty appliance, charger, or light bulb. Switch all appliances off, switch the breaker(s) to on at the electric fuse box and re-plug the appliances one at a time to determine which is causing the fault. If this does not solve the problem then please get in touch with Prestige Properties.
  • Water
    If you have an uncontrollable water leak please switch off the water supply at the stop cock and report the problem to Prestige Properties. If the leak is not on your property you will need to get in touch with Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4444.
  • Burglary
    If your property is broken into you must report the incident to the Police by calling 999. Please keep a record of any crime number issued and report the incident to Prestige Properties at your earliest convenience.
  • Other
    Prestige Properties offer its Tenants a 24 hour emergency service. An out of hours contact number will be provided to the Lead Tenant but please remember this number is for Emergencies only!

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch The Prestige Properties Team
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